Note:  Prices shown are for Internet orders and warehouse pickups only.
Prices are sometimes higher when purchased from our retail location in New
Braunfels, TX.  This is due to fees incurred with dealer prep, local sales tax,
storage, and assembly. Thanks.  
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RETRO - $1299
40-50 MPH
SPRINTER - $1299
40-50 MPH
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ELITE - $1299
40-50 MPH
We offer only the best quality street legal motor scooters / mopeds from China. All models have a Honda clone
engine, this means that the factory in China has a contract with Honda to copy the engine, transmission etc.  Our
line ranges from the small economic 50cc 4 stroke street legal mopeds to the large 250cc water cooled touring
model, without forgetting to mention our 150cc racing and touring mopeds.

The mopeds and motor scooters for sale in this section should be street legal in every state. They all have EPA
approval and are DOT compliant; come with a certificate of origin, must be insured and registered. Some states
require a motorcycle license to ride some of these motor scooters and mopeds. Please check with your local
drivers licence office before riding your motor scooter.

Our selection varies from 50cc to 250 cubic centimeters scooters. These mopeds are very economical. Typical fuel
economy for a 50cc 4 stroke moped is over 100 miles per gallon - MPG. They are the perfect vehicle for shot to
medium distances. The mopeds and motor scooters 150cc and larger are legal on the freeways as well. Some
models have top speeds of over 100 miles per hour - MPH.

Want to buy gas mopeds, motorcycles or street legal dirt bikes wholesale, need more than 1 piece, buying for a
group? Fill out the wholesale application and become a scooter

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while kids atvs are cheap atvs, some pocket bikes and dirt bikes are sometimes considered scooters. Mopeds and
atvs located in the city of new braunfels are street legal scooters. Mopeds and 4 wheelers really are motorsports or
some say powersports. Kazuma and sunl make them. Not all kid atv with bike tires are scooter. Moped with 4 four
wheelers and quad quads are not the same aspersonal watercraft. Wave runners and wave runner jet skis can be
really fun! Jet ski is not a brand name. Chinese made honda oem clone copies can also copy yamaha by
manufacturer. While mini atvs are mini atv sauce, cheap wholesale dealers can be of use .Dealers of atv products
sell cheap dirt bikes free shipping! what a mouthfull!
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